Monday, May 25, 2009

That’s Kaffrine, not Caffeine!

Some of you may be wondering where Kaffrine is and what is chronological storying. Kaffrine is a small rural town in the middle, eastern part of Senegal, just north of the Gambia. It is located in the heart of Wolof territory and is surrounded by villages which are almost totally Muslim.

A Southern Baptist couple started working in the Kaffrine area about 12 – 15 years ago. They used their gifts of compassion and service as a spring board for the Gospel. They began to develop and use the Chronological Storying method. Storying is a method of communicating the Gospel starting with Creation and moving chronologically through the Scriptures to the coming of the Spirit in Acts 2. In this method of teaching, one focuses on the messianic prophecies of the Old Testament, so that the coming of the Messiah is fully understood. This also helps people to fully understand sin and the depravity of man. Chronological Storying is a method that I have wanted to use since my internship in Ghana back in 1991. I had planned on using it in Khombole but was still working on development of the resources when I was asked to serve in administration.

The doors of ministry began to open for this Baptist couple back in 2001 as villages sent messengers to ask for the stories to be told to them. This lone couple could not answer all of the requests. They pleaded with their mission to send more workers. For some reason, they were turned down. They made a plea to all missions for help. While serving as field director, I was able to be a part of sending five families out to that region. Not all were able to stay, but the door is still wide open for the Gospel and villages continue to request that the stories be told to them.
Now, there are four families with SIM and the lone Baptist couple working together to reach the villages surrounding Kaffrine. There are other organizations that have come to work only in the town at this point. Our desire is to join this group and reach the Wolof villages in the area with the Gospel.

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