Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Contextualization Conference #2

I did find quite a bit that was helpful. I don't want you to think that I found it all bad. There were some very helpful things that they presented, things that would help us in Senegal build bridges even further than we have with language and culture learning and adaptation. It reminds me of some things I learned in my studies at Toccoa Falls College.

One thing that is very important is love. There was a story that I heard while at TFC that has stuck with me. There were two missionaries serving in West Africa among the same people group in the same area. One of the missionaries was a gifted language learner. He learned the local language very fast. The other missionary was not as gifted. He struggled with the simplest of tasks in the local language, yet he deeply loved the people. He served them with all his heart. Furlough time came for the two. The church wrote the mission and said, "_________ is really gifted in our language, but he does not love us. __________ struggles with our language, yet he serves us everyday and he loves us. Please keep _____________ (the first missionary) and send us ___________ (the second missionary) for he loves us."

I share that story because loving the people is basic to bringing the Gospel to a community. If you do not have love, all the strategy in the world will do you little good (1 Cor. 13:1-3). Love involves serving. Serving involves availability and vulnerability, two concepts that brings fear to the strongest part of self service and pride. We really want to get back to Senegal to serve the Wolof people.

This conference has really made my desire to return to Senegal that much more acute. I really feel the need to get back and work with the team of missionaries that is forming as they plan their strategy (they are meeting now) and really move ahead in reaching the Wolof for Christ. Please pray with us that our financial and prayer support would come in quickly. Thanks!

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  1. OK, This is TOTALLY off the subject, but we are really glad to have Ruth here. So when are you guys going to come visit?